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Cadbury Double Decker (Pack of 4) 149.2g

Cadbury Double Decker (Pack of 4) 149.2g

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Say hello to Cadbury's Double Decker – the delicious, double-filling bar that has been a worldwide hit since its creation in 1976! Now available in an incredible pack of 4, you can treat yourself and those around you with these sweet treats. Enjoy two crunchy wafer layers loaded with creamy caramel and topped off with a generous layer of smooth milk chocolate. Bite into this perfectly-balanced combination of flavor and texture without compromising any of the indulgence. These bars pair great after dinner or as a midafternoon snack, leaving you feeling completely satisfied no matter when they're eaten! Don't miss this amazing opportunity to purchase one of Cadbury's most popular creations – stock up on your very own Cadbury Double Decker today!

Made in and sourced from: United Kingdom.
Product packaging may vary due to enhancements.

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