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Cadbury Roses Chocolate 290g

Cadbury Roses Chocolate 290g

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The brightly wrapped delicious Cadbury Roses chocolates, in distinctive blue packs, have been a family favourite in boxed chocolates since 1938. Packed with delicious and dreamy flavors, Cadbury Roses will be sure to surprise and delight. Each piece of this indulgent chocolate contains a variety of irresistible pink, blue, and green colored fillings inside its luxurious outer shell. From smooth caramel and crunchy pale sugary nuts to creamy fudge and zesty orange spheres - there is something for everyone! Our gift-boxed selection makes Cadbury Roses the perfect gift for any special occasion. An ideal present for family or friends on birthdays, anniversaries, or just to say thanks. Show them how much you appreciate them with this delectable treat! With every bite of a Cadbury Rose, you can experience the joy that comes from sharing something sweet with someone you love.

Made in and sourced from: United Kingdom

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