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Cadbury Double Decker Bar

Cadbury Double Decker Bar

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Experience the deliciousness of Cadbury’s Double Decker Bar – a treat that packs two layers of creamy, crunchy goodness. Sweet and satisfying like no other, it is bound to become your go-to snack for anytime cravings. The Double Decker Bar offers the best of both worlds: a soft, indulgent nougat base belting out notes of coconut and caramel topped with a rich, bittersweet chocolate layer. Every bite teases your taste buds with its combination of flavours and textures that make it one irresistibly mouth-watering snack. Perfectly sized to satisfy while still being light enough to savour throughout the day or as an after-dinner delicacy. So if you're looking for something sweet that's sure to please your palate, then look no further than Cadbury’s Double Decker Bar – unparalleled in its indulgent yumminess!

Made in and sourced from: United Kingdom
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