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Cadbury Bourn Vita Jar 500g

Cadbury Bourn Vita Jar 500g

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Discover the power of healthy goodness in Cadbury Bourn Vita Jar 500g! With its powerful combination of essential nutrients, this jar of deliciousness can help to enhance your inner strength and keep your immune system running at its best. Plus, with ingredients specially formulated to contribute to strong bones, muscles, and brain functions, you’ll be well-equipped to meet any challenge head-on. And with our commitment to quality verified products that are proudly Made In India, you can always have the assurance of knowing you have the Tayyari Jeet Ki! Get ready to feel strong and energized by Cadbury Bourn Vita Jar 500g—taste the health today!

Made in and sourced from: India
Product packaging may vary due to enhancements.

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